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Kaitie Bubier

I am endlessly inspired by the coast of Maine. 

My grandmother grew up on Bailey Island. She instilled a deep appreciation of coastal living within me. I remember watching her set out for an ocean dip, her shadow casting behind her. Her bravery. Her independence. Her freedom. Nothing that could be spoken and everything that could be seen. 

Art is capturing that memory. It’s believing in yourself past the depths of a shallow cove. It’s the sound of your heart when you see the sun setting and the grace you feel when you share that with someone you love. 

Translating these feelings into my artwork allows me to fall heavy into powerful colors and patterns. It is always a feeling first and a visual experience second. This process fuels my brush strokes, selects my colors, and lays the foreground. I work primarily in acrylic paint but love to jazz it up with gold leaf and paint pen.  



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